Quick Answer: How Did Cheryl’S She Shed Burned Down?

What happened to Cheryl’s she shed?

Cheryl is on the phone with her State Farm agent, Zachary, explaining that someone burned down her She Shed.

As her husband gazes blankly at the flames he tries to convince his wife that no one burned down the shed — it was struck by lightning..

Why did Cheryl’s she shed burned down?

Cheryl was trying to deflect attention. She burned down her own she-shed. She plugged a faulty expresso maker into an outlet she deliberately sabotaged because of her deep dissatisfaction with her current she shed and a desire to upgrade.

What is Shesheer?

What the heck is a she shed? … A quick internet search revealed that a “she shed” is the female equivalent of a “man cave,” only instead of being inside the house, it resides in the backyard. Cool, I thought as I scrolled through Pinterest, nodding my approval at the array of brightly colored, creatively decorated sheds.

What to do with a she shed?

Here’s how to create the perfect garden getaway.Clean out your old backyard shed—or use a kit to build a new one. … Give your shed a fresh coat of paint. … Define the purpose of your shed. … Search flea markets and antique shops for unique finds. … Surround yourself with nature. … Create an inviting entryway.More items…•

Who is the woman in the She shed commercial?

actress Nicole Butler“My she-shed is on fire”, meet actress Nicole Butler as she talks about her popular State Farm commercial.

Is that Chris Paul’s son in the State Farm commercial?

Chris Paul’s Son, Lil’ Chris, Joins CP3 in Latest State Farm Commercial. Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul and his son, Lil’ Chris, star in the latest “Cliff Paul” commercial from State Farm. The commercial will air during the NBA games on Christmas Day.

Who is Parker in State Farm commercial?

Champaign, Illinois, U.S. Melanie Deanne Paxson (née Moore; born September 26, 1972) is an American actress.

Who burned down Cheryl’s she shed?

The prevailing theory holds that Victor deliberately burned down Cheryl’s treasured retreat. Butler said strangers often stop her on the street to ask who burned it down, and she even joined Reddit so she could participate in one such discussion.

What does Cheryl mean by she Shear she shed?

Cheryl, the woman, is calling her insurance about her she shed, since she’s worried her shed isn’t covered by insurance. Her insurance (State Farm), tells her that it is covered.

What does Cheryl say in the She shed commercial?

Somebody burned down my she shed. (Speaker: Victor) Nobody burned down your she shed, Cheryl. (Speaker: Cheryl) Well, my she shed’s on fire. (Speaker: Victor) Your she shed was struck by lightning.

What does Chichier mean?

Ostentatious stylishness(shē′shē) adj. chi·chi·er, chi·chi·est. Ostentatiously stylish; deliberately chic. Ostentatious stylishness.