What Is Violation Of EPO DVO Kentucky?

What is the difference between an EPO and a DVO?

An EPO is issued by a judge only if there is an immediate and present danger of domestic violence.

In contrast, a DVO is issued if a judge determines that domestic violence has occurred and may again occur.

A DVO is issued following a formal hearing and is of longer duration..

How long does a EPO last?

Generally an EPO will last for 14 days until your hearing for a domestic violence order. If law enforcement is unable to serve the abuser prior to the hearing, the judge can postpone the court date and extend your EPO for another 14 days.

How do you beat an order of protection?

Tips for fighting a protective order:Get the documents. In order to be prepared to fight the order you need to know exactly what is being said about you. … Know the law in your state. Know the timelines for contesting these orders, and take action immediately when you are informed that there may be an order against you.

What is a EPO violation?

Violations of EPO, DVO, or IPO can result in criminal charges. … In addition, the Commonwealth may also pursue additional charges for conduct constituting a violation, including assault, sexual abuse, and stalking. Violation of an order of protection is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

What is the penalty for violating an EPO?

Once a party has been served with an EPO or DVO, violations of the order can be punished as contempt (carrying up to six months in jail) or as a class A misdemeanor (carrying up to twelve months in jail.

Can a DVO be dropped in KY?

c) In the event the EPO/DVO is issued, it shall not be dropped unless done so by the Court. Unless and until the EPO/DVO is dismissed, the terms of the Order shall be strictly enforced.

What happens after an EPO?

After you request protection, the reviewing judge may grant or deny the EPO or may grant a summons for a future court date for the judge to hear further evidence before making a decision to grant or deny the EPO.

Does an EPO stay on your record?

Expungement generally only applies to criminal cases. EPOs are not considered criminal, but rather are considered to be a civil case.

How do you get rid of EPO?

Log on to ePO Cloud at https://manage.mcafee.com.Select Menu, Systems, System Tree and then select the group with the systems you want to delete.Select the systems from the list and then click System Tree Actions, Delete Group.More items…•